What does film tell us about Politics?

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Ashton Deroy Writes: Film is an art-form by which we can reflect life, society & power. Often in film we look at power dynamics of different forms of government. Whether this government is a democracy, a dictatorship or Monarchy. Film allows us to examine the forum of government as an art.

Side note: The Last King of Scotland is an absolutely atrocious film, I do not believe it captures Idi Amin correctly as a sociopath & a proven serial killer. If someone such as the doctor portrayed in the film had done something to personally insult him, if he had gotten ahold of that person he would of personally killed them. No way he would of gotten away. 

When looking at the Last King Of Scotland what can this film tell the viewer about Politics in Uganda? Well the movie is really a creative retelling of Idi Amin a ruthless, delusional & eccentric dictator who was responsible for the slaughter of 500,000 people. What this film can really teach about politics? Well it teaches that is dangerous when there is no limitation placed on leadership. Idi Amin was supposed to restore democracy to Uganda but with his massive unchecked power he was able to to keep his power to himself from 1971-1979.


Idi Amin’s unchecked power could go back as far as his military days. From when he served as a soldier and was accused of using excessive force on missions. This was followed by his ruthless overthrow of the government. Then systematic killings of Milton Obote supporters, Israeli people and throwing Asians out of the country of Uganda.


The film in a way misrepresents the public’s reaction to Amin. The feeling in general towards him was not being beloved by the public. There was dancing in the street when he had taken over. However History.com mentions the public coining the phrase Aminism referring to the brutal enforcement of law &  massacres ordered by Idi Amin.There are stories of him dragging women out of post-secondary schools from certain tribes. It was these atrocities which really have him considered the worst dictator of this century. Not just by outside observation but by many Ugandan people to.


The film allowed us to see a film portrayal of how Idi Amin treated his wives, how his regime was one of terror. However what it didn’t show enough of was the cannibalism, the grotesque display of bodies on the street & the spill of blood for political gain. There was no limitation of Idi Amin’s power in Uganda for his 8 year leadership, until the failed invasion of Tanzania. In the film you got to see the Doctor as a possible power check with the assignment of his assassination. However with the refusal to do the do the job there was no limitation placed on Idi Amin. Which proves the danger of limitless power in a government.



“Idi Amin.” Biography.com, 27 Apr. 2017, http://www.biography.com/people/idi-amin-9183487. Accessed 24 Sept. 2017. This biography provided information on the leadership of Idi Amin in Uganda. It captures the eccentric behavior, self appointed titles & his death. Unlike the film it does highlight on any public enthusiasm about his new leadership, in fact he had a developed reputation for capturing and torturing people. It also highlights Amin’s use of excessive force, the staged coo and takeover of Uganda. This biography also highlights his estimated kill count of over 500,000.


“Idi Amin: Violent Ugandan President – Fast Facts | History.” History.com, 16 Mar. 2016, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvVIkXPvp-4. Accessed 24 Sept. 2017. This documentary discusses the brutal dictator Idi Amin. It covers his journey from being a cook, to a soldier & the development of his bad reputation. It covers the attack of King Baganda during his military career ordered by the prime minister. Then the coo staged Idi Amin to Milton Obote that started off non-violent, but would turn violent towards Milton Obote’s supporters. This article can help to prove that Idi Amin had unchecked power because in modern North American military someone who tortured prisoners and used excessive force would be held accountable.



OPP & LGBTQ/Seneca Pride social group issues.

Ashton Deroy
What does being a Liberal mean to me? It means balancing human Rights Concerns with concerns of security & economics.

Ever since the 2017 ban of OPP officials at Toronto Pride, the debate has been constant. Do we want OPP representation in LGBTQ events? While some members in the LGBTQ & alliance community feel that OPP officers threaten their securities & rights. Some feel their presence is absolutely essential. On 9/28/2017 Seneca Pride faculty proposed an OPP guest speaker to Seneca Pride. On 9/29/2017 it was quickly dismissed! 

“I feel absolutely upset that we aren’t opening our doors to OPP Representatives, I think a LGBTQ/Race dialogue is very important and repairing our relationship in this community is essential for purposes of career networking, expressing security concerns & working through misunderstandings.” 

What is the problem? 

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“We need to stop relying on the news to paint an objective picture of our law enforcement when all they do is offer entertainment or tragedy!  Although this incident is one of terrible tragedy we need to recognize a number of differences in geography, regulation and training. This simply was not a valid point in showing the colors of Ontario Law Enforcement because it is not even Law enforcement!

If anyone from the OPP is interested in connecting with me about repairing LGBTQ Community perceptions of Police. Please contact me at Ashtonderoy@gmail.com


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Alana Skye Says “I don’t mean to offend anyone because I can see how it’s a sensitive subject but I agree with you… there isn’t a reason why we shouldn’t support the OPP. Sure there is going to be a couple of cases where maybe people in an authoritative stance are oppressive to certain ethnicity or the LGBT community..

but that doesn’t mean everyone in an authoritative position is like that.. some people who aren’t even in that position (just average joes) are oppressive but that doesn’t mean we should hate every single average human being.
From what I’ve seen especially in Canada there are more people supportive then not in this modern day in age. We are not stuck in the past where people apart of these communities have to keep fighting for their rights all by themselves.
There are many supporters outside of the LGBT community in the police community and others that would openly defend you guys from anyone who is attempting to be suppressible of who you are or how you are.
Why would someone want to burn bridges with individuals in the OPP just because of one or two assholes.. why not have the extra support? I see no bad in it what so ever!
When someone offers support you accept them in… that’s what will make a community stronger… rejecting them because of what someone else did just makes the person seem like an a******!”

Seneca Newnham Campus & the greeting committee.

Canadian Geese at Seneca College

Ashton Deroy Writes: Sometimes I forget just how autistic I am until I see something like 4 Canadian Geese in front of Seneca College. Next thing you know I am fighting the impulse to hug these things! 

That would be a hilarious call to 9-11. “What is the nature of your emergency sir?” Says the 9-11 operator. “I got injured hugging some geese in front of my college” I reply. 

How the hell would you even justify the motivation? The sound of something like that is just insane. I literally only have one friend who would even understand it. That would be my friend Alana Skye. 

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Out & about Sunday

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Ashton Deroy Writes: Hey Readers, I was just out and about today at my favorite coffee shop downloading a Jazz album to my Spotify. While I was there I got a veggie wrap & had the Pumpkin spiced Latte you see below. 

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I just wanted to share some of what I have been working on to create awareness that there is content coming to this new blog. First of all I am working on an Essay for my Canadian Politics class on Freedom of speech versus hate speech & for economics I am writing an essay on how Economists solve the issue of scarce resources. 


For Economics I want to put a focus towards issues involving the environment. I am hoping to talk about this incentive program mentioned by attn on Facebook because I think it is a smart incentive program to tackle our plastic bottle waste problem! 


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Google Sites Review

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Ashton Deroy writes: So I am actually a little surprised that I got this tool through the Google suite, but I decided to check out the Google Sites tool with my Google suite account. Admin@Ashtonderoy.ca 

So if you haven’t yet, purchase an email through your WordPress domain because it is well worth the money. You get an Organization YouTube Page, A professional email domain and access to all the other Google Suite tools. One of the things I saw in my Google Suite that I hadn’t seen before was the Google Sites tool. 

It is kind of similar to WordPress, it is a web publishing tool but it definitely isn’t as good or as powerful as WordPress but I liked being able to display my content on a different board because without a business level package. WordPress can feel kind of boring for setting up web displays at times. 

What is this going to do for your website ratings? Probably not a whole lot. WordPress probably does more with a basic page than this actually does. 

My recommended use for this? Use it for product displays, preparing a presentation & integrate it with a WordPress blog. It definitely does not replace a WordPress blog! It is a 3 star product but it doesn’t work on it’s own at all. 

My Opinion on Sexy Star shooting on Rosemary

It has been said that people though Sxy Star was having a bad acid trip, this night at Triple A in Mexico. Hi I am Ashton Deroy and I wanted to weigh my opinion on this shoot that happened in Mexico at their big event! 

A little background, from the 1980’s to 1990’s usually when Pro-wrestling mimicked a combat sport it was amateur wrestling. Now from the late 1990’s to 2017 we have seen this fantastic evolution of pro-wrestling & Mixed Martial Artist hybrid fighters. Starting of course with the pioneer, Ken Shamrock. Picture is below:  

Ken Shamrock

What happened at this event? Sexy Star was in a 4 way match at Triplemanía XXV & the finish was supposed to be Rosemary tapping to an arm bar. 

As you can see after the bell was wrong she continued to crank the arm bar, the hold was even almost released but she continued to crank again before releasing the hold at the official’s command. 

My opinion on this? Globally pro-wrestling is moving to using (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts finishes in their matches. Sometimes this can include submissions or knockout strikes.

In my opinion if they are going to have wrestlers using these kind of finishes at all. They need to start teaching other wrestlers reversals and basics in Mixed Martial Arts . 

Now sometimes you can’t reverse a really good arm bar, but to my knowledge Rosemary does not have an MMA background. Where as Sexy Star did have one? So you had to people that were not athletically on the same level, Rosemary trusted her lively hood & career with this other woman. With this type of finish that is a given and Sexy Star decided to abuse the finish & Rosemary wasn’t prepared! 

To conclude, I think if you are going to start using Mixed Martial Arts moves, you need to do some Mixed Martial Arts training. Weather you are the star or jobber in a match it is a given that you should have the knowledge & training around the move.