3 Meaningful quotes from Jenny & the Driver.

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Ashton Deroy writes: Jenny and the Driver is a book written by Sharron Carpenter and began selling on Amazon.ca in 2015. The book is is an epic tail about a Driver named David who worked as an Auto Mechanic but was then hired by the Chance family to drive around staff and the family. Along the way we learn more about characters like Mayne and his “business” and who I consider the lead antagonist, Jenny the female heroine & her father the abusive lead antagonist.

In this blog I will share three establishing quote from the book and tell readers what they mean.

“Your father terrorizes you doesn’t he?” Says David

pg 79 Jenny and the driver by Carpenter Sharron

This quote is about David confronting the fact that her father is an abusive man who terrorized her into marriage. Who terrorizes her in to giving him her hard earned money and who also has abused his wife into a shell of a woman she formerly was.

“He’ll get used to it if he wants to work around here,”Said Charles “The Chances are big on appearance.

Pg 80 Jenny and the driver by Carpenter Sharron


This quote seemingly had to do with a new employee. I just thought it was a good quote to establish the status of the Chance family & how David the once orphan went from being a raggy mechanic to a Driver in a custom suit.


“Don’t worry, I won’t.” David Said ” With most things I’m just as happy with ordinary. Except for cars. I do appreciate a good car.”

Pg 82 Carpenter Sharron   

This quote really shows David’s character in the fact that he loves an extraordinary car. The other thing I think is actually extraordinary is Jenny. I think that is one more thing he likes extra ordinary.

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