My Opinion on Sexy Star shooting on Rosemary

It has been said that people though Sxy Star was having a bad acid trip, this night at Triple A in Mexico. Hi I am Ashton Deroy and I wanted to weigh my opinion on this shoot that happened in Mexico at their big event! 

A little background, from the 1980’s to 1990’s usually when Pro-wrestling mimicked a combat sport it was amateur wrestling. Now from the late 1990’s to 2017 we have seen this fantastic evolution of pro-wrestling & Mixed Martial Artist hybrid fighters. Starting of course with the pioneer, Ken Shamrock. Picture is below:  

Ken Shamrock

What happened at this event? Sexy Star was in a 4 way match at Triplemanía XXV & the finish was supposed to be Rosemary tapping to an arm bar. 

As you can see after the bell was wrong she continued to crank the arm bar, the hold was even almost released but she continued to crank again before releasing the hold at the official’s command. 

My opinion on this? Globally pro-wrestling is moving to using (MMA) Mixed Martial Arts finishes in their matches. Sometimes this can include submissions or knockout strikes.

In my opinion if they are going to have wrestlers using these kind of finishes at all. They need to start teaching other wrestlers reversals and basics in Mixed Martial Arts . 

Now sometimes you can’t reverse a really good arm bar, but to my knowledge Rosemary does not have an MMA background. Where as Sexy Star did have one? So you had to people that were not athletically on the same level, Rosemary trusted her lively hood & career with this other woman. With this type of finish that is a given and Sexy Star decided to abuse the finish & Rosemary wasn’t prepared! 

To conclude, I think if you are going to start using Mixed Martial Arts moves, you need to do some Mixed Martial Arts training. Weather you are the star or jobber in a match it is a given that you should have the knowledge & training around the move. 


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