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Ashton Deroy writes: So I am actually a little surprised that I got this tool through the Google suite, but I decided to check out the Google Sites tool with my Google suite account. 

So if you haven’t yet, purchase an email through your WordPress domain because it is well worth the money. You get an Organization YouTube Page, A professional email domain and access to all the other Google Suite tools. One of the things I saw in my Google Suite that I hadn’t seen before was the Google Sites tool. 

It is kind of similar to WordPress, it is a web publishing tool but it definitely isn’t as good or as powerful as WordPress but I liked being able to display my content on a different board because without a business level package. WordPress can feel kind of boring for setting up web displays at times. 

What is this going to do for your website ratings? Probably not a whole lot. WordPress probably does more with a basic page than this actually does. 

My recommended use for this? Use it for product displays, preparing a presentation & integrate it with a WordPress blog. It definitely does not replace a WordPress blog! It is a 3 star product but it doesn’t work on it’s own at all.