OPP & LGBTQ/Seneca Pride social group issues.

Ashton Deroy
What does being a Liberal mean to me? It means balancing human Rights Concerns with concerns of security & economics.

Ever since the 2017 ban of OPP officials at Toronto Pride, the debate has been constant. Do we want OPP representation in LGBTQ events? While some members in the LGBTQ & alliance community feel that OPP officers threaten their securities & rights. Some feel their presence is absolutely essential. On 9/28/2017 Seneca Pride faculty proposed an OPP guest speaker to Seneca Pride. On 9/29/2017 it was quickly dismissed! 

“I feel absolutely upset that we aren’t opening our doors to OPP Representatives, I think a LGBTQ/Race dialogue is very important and repairing our relationship in this community is essential for purposes of career networking, expressing security concerns & working through misunderstandings.” 

What is the problem? 

Georgia tech.png

“We need to stop relying on the news to paint an objective picture of our law enforcement when all they do is offer entertainment or tragedy!  Although this incident is one of terrible tragedy we need to recognize a number of differences in geography, regulation and training. This simply was not a valid point in showing the colors of Ontario Law Enforcement because it is not even Law enforcement!

If anyone from the OPP is interested in connecting with me about repairing LGBTQ Community perceptions of Police. Please contact me at Ashtonderoy@gmail.com


OPP employer.png

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Alana Skye Says “I don’t mean to offend anyone because I can see how it’s a sensitive subject but I agree with you… there isn’t a reason why we shouldn’t support the OPP. Sure there is going to be a couple of cases where maybe people in an authoritative stance are oppressive to certain ethnicity or the LGBT community..

but that doesn’t mean everyone in an authoritative position is like that.. some people who aren’t even in that position (just average joes) are oppressive but that doesn’t mean we should hate every single average human being.
From what I’ve seen especially in Canada there are more people supportive then not in this modern day in age. We are not stuck in the past where people apart of these communities have to keep fighting for their rights all by themselves.
There are many supporters outside of the LGBT community in the police community and others that would openly defend you guys from anyone who is attempting to be suppressible of who you are or how you are.
Why would someone want to burn bridges with individuals in the OPP just because of one or two assholes.. why not have the extra support? I see no bad in it what so ever!
When someone offers support you accept them in… that’s what will make a community stronger… rejecting them because of what someone else did just makes the person seem like an a******!”

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