Social medias I’ve left!

Social medias I've left!.png

Some people are going to read this and go “How do you expect to promote your WordPress blog off of highly popular social media?” WordPress already filters my content through tags, search engines  & if I am really passionate about a blog article I may do a YouTube video. 

Other than that I may not sign back onto the vast wasteland of Facebook. What drove me off Facebook & Instagram? 

Well in 2015, I noticed they were eating my business advertising money without producing a lot of valuable sales leads & only 3 inbound inquiries. Only 1/3 of inbound inquiries became a client. 

Garbage can
The content garbage on Facebook

Then there was my organic content, that was buried under content that was being over-shared and despite spending near $200 a year I was only a small fish in the big budget advertising happening on Facebook. 

What was Facebook doing to my personal life? My Facebook off & on resembled a fight club. Out of context social media humor had been taken to the Student Conduct office and almost had costs to my education. A colleague of mine almost picked a fight over a social science question, until I disengaged & I had been unfairly critiqued on an LGBTQ person’s Facebook page as a hostile racist for having pro-OPP views. 

So it wasn’t just Facebook I quit, but here is what I am quitting & why! 

Facebook logo.png

Facebook – Due to my content being buried, poor use of advertising $$$ & a loss of control in my personal/educational life. 

Instagram logo.png

Instagram – Actually my content was getting buried on here but that wasn’t the worst part. I decided I would rather have pictures up on my own personal website, then have them up on Instagram & collect followers. 

TumblR logo

TumblR – Never liked it, never will! It is a place for rants, pornography & hipsters, I get nothing from this media. 



Twitter- Unlike the rest of them, I am a little sad to see this one go! When I was younger & starting my Advertising diploma, this got me contacts in agencies, helped me get connected with Press for Kingston Pride & was a great resource for find SMEs (Subject matter experts) for social debates. Unfortunately, as of late it had an advertising program I never understood, diminishing use & a lot of pornographic users. 

What I am staying on? 🙂 


Snapchat -AshtonQBE on SnapChat It isn’t perfect but it does create a lower digital footprint & is less overwhelming to my personal life. 


Google Software – Google has given me so much value as a free user & even more when I began purchasing movies, a custom email address and more online storage. Overall Google doesn’t tend to create an overwhelming digital footprint unless you demand it! I also still have a YouTube channel. 

WordPress logo.png

WordPress – This is a given as this is where I am posting to but hear me out. Why should I post my personal content on Facebook? I can create my own custom web profile with a presence different from my classmates & if I choose to become more active I can size my presence however I like. I kind of thought the uniformity of Facebook profiles always sucked, but on WordPress every page creates a different feeling. 


Side note, I will admit I didn’t always behave professionally on Facebook. So I want to apologize if I annoyed you in any way. Please reach out to me at 647-850-6802 on WhatsApp if you want to talk/meetup. Or Email me below: 


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