UFC 217 predictions

Ashton Deroy

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Predictions for UFC 217

On November 4th 2017, UFC will be in New York for UFC 217. It will be the most anticipated UFC event of 2017 as it is the long awaited return of George St. Pierre! Warning though if you are a GSP fan you will not like the predictions of this blog. Red highlights who I believe will win. 

Bisping VS St-Pierre 

Round 1 knock out, What? Yes this has happened to St. Pierre before. Matt Serra actually knocked out St-Pierre in Huston Texas April 7th 2007. It has been 4 years since George St. Pierre has been in the octagon & if we return to reality for a minute, this has a massive effect on someone’s game! Not only that but he is stepping in to Middle Weight class after being a welterweight. St-Pierre also relies a lot on grappling which he won’t be able to do with Bisping.  I don’t think he is ready & I don’t think he will have the massive impact some people expect and Bisping is not the guy who is going to lay down for the St-Pierre legacy. 

Namajunas vs Jerdzejczyk

5 Rounds, Decision Joanna. Rose can’t play the game Joanna plays, everyone always thinks well “I can’t out strike her so I will wrestle her!” That didn’t work with Andrade and I don’t expect it to work with Namajunas. As of now I don’t think any of the contenders can beat Joanna and I think she takes the 6 defense record away from Ronda Rousey. Rose isn’t skilled enough, she is fast enough & she isn’t strong enough!  So it is going to be 3-5 rounds of her being out battled by Joanna. 

I am actually disappointed Karate Hottie didn’t rise to the challenge & get this fight because Michelle could of beaten Joanna with speed but also she has experience in Muay Thai.  




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