Free Speech is good, but there are limitations

Free Speech is good, but there are limitations.png

Working progress 

Thanks for reading the first draft of my Free speech & limitations essay that is being used for the purpose of Canadian Political studies at Seneca College. If you can help develop this essay with a work I can cite using MLA format please reach out to Ashton Deroy at . I will be working at this over the next 2 days!

Are there limitations to free speech? Yes we absolutely must limit this right within reason defined by our charter of human rights & National security. Now in order to define the limitations of something we must first understand what it is. What is free speech and where does it apply? Speech applies to publications online & offline which includes posts, statuses, Tweets, Videos, and anything that can be seen by the public. 

Where are the limitations are to free speech? We must use limitations of free speech to prejudice defined by Canada’s charter of human rights, national security, safety to individuals over 18 & children. Why is limiting speech for these a must? Well according to section 1 of the charter of human rights and freedoms the government is allowed to place limitations of freedom of speech as long as those limits are within reason. 

One of the major issues targeted in this essay is free speech being limited by the confinements of hate speech. What is hate speech? Hate speech is any speech that is viewed has harmful or encourages harm towards any protected group of persons defined by Canada’s Charter of human rights. Ontario has the highest reported crime rate for hate crimes. Why is this the case? There is a lack of safe-space for students with different cultures in some schools and Ontario gets a spill over of some of the common American issues of prejudice come in to Canada. 

Things to Cite. 

  • Charter of Human rights 

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