Computing commons policy.jpg

The following are the rules for the computing commons, you know that think you probably walk by and don’t give a second glance! These are rules created to preserve the availability, condition and environment in the computing commons. 

Today I walked through the computing commons and I was able to find 10 different people breaking the rules, risking our equipment and a spill hazard. 

Drink violation

Okay so we have all been here drinking our StarBucks or Tim Hortons by the computer while we work on an assignment. However Tim Hortons in particular has a cup design that is quite high risk to spill and damage the technology! Making one less available work station available for students who can’t get internet access at home. 


This is a student who is gaming during the peek hours of use in the computing commons. This should not be tolerated! I personally need a computer before classes to print assignments, check on course announcements and be up to date on reading materials. This student is otherwise blocking a computer for use in relationship to Seneca College related tasks. 


Water spill

This is just a water spill that is risking the condition of the machine. In any other place where I have had access to company machines we had a rule where to have a coffee around your machine you had to have a spill proof mug like such… 

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I think it is time for Seneca to start enforcing computing commons rules or next year’s big problem will be, we have too few machines for students!