3 reasons Why Amanda Nunes is not better promoted!


Amanda Nunes vs Schevenko.jpg
MMA Junkie article 


On July 9th 2016, Amanda Nunes had captured the women’s Bantamweight title. Since then she has defended the championship 2 times, once where she defeated Ronda Rousey in one round. The second defense was defeating Valentina Schvenko by decision. With that in mind why is Amanda Nunes not one of the more hyped Women’s MMA chapions? Well in this picture Amanda Nunes thinks she figured out the problem. 

Cute Little blondes
Picture by MMA Junkie

First of all the statement is a little disrespectful. Ronda Rousey founded the division Nunes is now champion of, but any excuse to take a jab at her. Holly Holm is one of the most resilient fighters male or female and on December 30th at UFC 219 she will defeat Cris Cyborg. 

Why really is Amanda Nunes not better promoted? 

  1. Champions don’t take sick days – July 13th 2017, Amanda Nunes withdrew from her original booked fight with Valentina Schvenko causing the match to be postponed and Dana White to say she will not be booked in the main event again. This was a huge hit to the division after being so hyped for so long with Rousey, it is like Amanda Nunes cracked under some of the pressure of being champion. For me personally as an Amanda Nunes fan, I was really looking forward to this fight in July. I honestly thought it was the fight of the summer!  
  2. Champions are defined by their best rivals – A rival for a champion should be a close match, really antagonize them in promos & bring out their best. Many thought for Amanda Nunes this would be Valentina Schvenko. However, nothing is settled ever in a decision win or loss. Personally I don’t even count them… If you fail to finish the rivalry, you fail to get the accolades of the rivalry. 
  3. Amanda Nunes Explains why she is not interested in fighting Cris Cyborg– 

During Ronda’s run fans could picture her fighting a deadly transgender fighter or a cisgender man! This video makes it look like Amanda Nunes has no interest in fighting the best of the sport. However before Cyborg got the belt Amanda was interested in being a two division champion. It seems like something for someone who wants all glory with no guts. 

So Amanda Nunes, don’t wonder where your hype is! You killed it honey, you killed it good. You called in sick for a big fight, you screwed up your rivalry fight & you won’t face the big dogs. To a lot of people they consider you a placeholder champion. To me personally I won’t write you off completely yet, I think a lot  can be done by Amanda Nunes possibly breaking Ronda’s defenses record, or establishing a rivalry with another fighter. 


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