Contact Advertising agency

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Marketing Plan (1)

Why Contact Advertising? Weather you are a start up, or an established brand. Customers want to create client relationships which turn in to in person meetings & then sales. 

Stop Paying for clicks! There is a massive & seemingly not mentioned phenomenon about fraud in the digital advertising world especially on Facebook. Advertising metrics & goals are now being met with the use of click farms, fraudulent clickers and trolls. Paying for contacts means paying for relationships that grow your business.  This is why we focus on mediums like Yellow pages, WordPress & Google because they are proven inbound contact generators. 

Can we cold call for your business? For $16 an hour you can get recorded telephone calls to your leads, audit them and make corrections so that we pitch your product or service the right way. 

The Marketing plan highlights changes that are being made to Ashton Deroy’s Publishing and Contact agency. This takes a look at the essential and non-essential tools for growing the business, changing our image and becoming a serious player in the Canadian Market. 


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