Investing in my Brand & Networking

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Ashton Deroy writes:  Today I am out applying for jobs in Communications, content creation and Service jobs. Basically I am looking to get meetings with potential career prospects today in the Toronto area, while I am in Quinte West on holiday. 

Updates: Toronto-Businessphere is shutting down – After a year, only a few inbound clients and a very slow speed of momentum I am shutting down this Business WordPress project to focus on more promising growing or established businesses. 

“I am really happy with Anita & Diana for writing great articles. I wanted to grow Diana as a writer and now I have done all I can.” 

Jobs I am currently interested in? Financial services, Content writing, Public Relations, Customer Service,  Retail sales and Tech support. If you know anyone who might be interested in my skills, please send them my resume. It is attached below: 

Service resume

The resume highlights Ashton Deroy’s service background in telecommunications, website support and Public Relations. 

Personal client Offers 

Commit $60 to starting your business .com today and I will get you started on a basic WordPress plan with integrated social media. 

Content plan 

Podcast + Articles: PR Idiots- Transparency versus obstruction. To be released in January. Diana Skye will create points from her consumer knowledge as well as press to debate a point for Transparency and social responsibility for companies. Ashton Deroy will argue the benefits of obstruction, censoring and hiding information that customers, stakeholders would not like. 



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