Public Relations Idiots

PR idiots.png

Ashton Deroy a former events Marketing person for Kingston Pride & former tech service representative for WindStream, will be joined by Diana Skye an advocate for Social corporate responsibility. These two will discuss Public Relations issues and weather they are better managed with obstruction or transparency. 

Diana Skye will advocate for transparency. As a consumer who likes to know who the company is before she spends her money with them. 

Ashton Deroy will argue for obstruction. As a vegetarian consumer turned off and horrified by the atrocities of animal farming. “Truly I believe we are not meant to know about the entire process because on some level we can not emotionally or logically handle knowing the means for productive business.” Essentially turn a blind eye, get back to work and stop whistle blowing. 

Is transparency better? Or is ignorance really bliss? We will find out in a series of argumentative essays and a podcast debate.

Diana Skye’s essay will be up here January 11th 2017. 

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Ashton With a tie
Ashton Deroy: Publisher, Tech support & user experience expert. Contact him at 647-850-6802




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