PR Idiots: Obstruction versus Transparency in Public Relations.

PR idiots

If you can hide it and it is ugly why make it a public address? Opposition will argue that “Consumers, readers & communities have the right to know.” Should consumers have the right to know if the result is unnecessary disruption though? I am Ashton Deroy and over the length of my career in Telecom and events Marketing I have personally signed about 6 non-disclosure forms and have only acted as a whistle-blower for poor employee treatment once.

What is obstruction? the action of deliberately hiding a practice either from legal or public view. Some famous incidences of obstruction were the hidden practices of Factory Farming, or Telecom companies hiding the CRTC regulations and enforced policies from consumers. “Rogers employees are told not to promote the actual lowest legally mandated cable package when asked by customers for the least expensive TV packages, rather they promote their lowest listed package.” 

Should consumer companies be allowed to obstruct information from their consumers? Yes if the act does not violate laws regarding obstruction for justice, or any civil or criminal codes than an obstruction should be legally within the company’s limitations. Consumers/customers are too fast to make fast an irrational decisions with out of context information. A lot of people today are confused with misinformation and vague information with the lack of understanding quite often leading to rage. 

Black lives matters

This is Black Lives Matters. This group cherry picks U.S.A. & Canadian police mess up incidents with black victims and uses them as a megaphone to create a public outcry.  Sometimes unlawful assembly and rioting is a method to their madness.  This is a protest created by press & fueled by a lack of understanding. With the lack of reporting on hate crimes and a majority of reporting on misconduct of a few OPP officers this group had the police alienated from Church street and banned from uniform participation in the Pride parade. 

This group has caused undeniable public damage, yes some Black Lives Matters members should be charged for unlawful assembly, fear creation and even Public incitement of hatred to the police force. All of which are punishable by the Canadian criminal code.  What is the better alternative solution for this group? Instead of targeting the people who monopolize the enforcement of law in our nation how about working with them? What have they ignored? Black hate crimes are still very high, if the group worked with the police and legislation it is possible an actionable rational plan could be made to combat racism which is at its highest in Ontario. 

If Police were successful at obstructing & censoring the free-press, we would not have this mindless and destructive protest. This protest that harmfully makes black people an opposition to the police force rather than allies in creating a safer community. One of the example articles that has the community enraged is the below headline. About a little girl who was put in handcuffs. 

Headline misleading.png

This article should have been censored or had a different headline because here is what you don’t know. The little girl in the mentioned article was hitting other students, educators and eventually a law enforcement officer. She was restrained to be calmed down, not be associated as a criminal or apart of any racial cleansing! This article has been so sensationalized no one has actually closely examined the reason for the incident. The distribution and use of the article should be absolutely obstructed because the use of it is an out of context use for racial radical propaganda. 


Kennedy, Tom. “Undercover investigation reveals disturbing and inhumane treatment of factory farm animals.” CTV News, 7 Dec. 2012, Accessed December 28th 2017.

This article is about the proof of abuse in Factory Farming. The interview has a source of an employee who does not reveal their identity as per the gag order and potential repercussions from their employer. What this proves is how destructive something like private business practices & out of context remarks can damage the business or industry. The article also has comments from a veterinarian & the animal welfare committee.


Jackson, Emily . “Check your cell phone bills: Updated wireless code goes into effect Dec. 1.” Financial Post, 30 Nov. 2017, Accessed December 28th 2017.

This article includes new information on CRTC regulations that say Telecom companies can no longer sell locked mobile phones to consumers. However although the law has changed the article also mentions the repercussions for not following the law is unclear. The article also mentions how the telecom companies asked for an extension on the proposed consumer protection laws however the CRTC has not granted the extensions meaning December 1st ideally the practice is still set to be regulated.


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