Ashton’s MMA 3 – Megan Anderson’s Three Keys to victory at UFC 221

Ashton’s MMA 3- Megan Anderson’s Three keys to.png

Nothing is confirmed about weather we will actually see Megan Anderson versus Cris Cyborg on UFC 221. In The Website has yet to upload the fight to the card and sometimes Cyborg’s Instagram page can be quite controversial for misinformation. However if the fight did come, what are Megan Anderson’s three keys to victory? Cyborg seems almost unbeatable coming off a unanimous decision victory over Holly Holm & Cyborg has had the longest reign of female dominance in mainstream MMA history. 

However how do you beat Cyborg? I think I have the answer for you here. 

  1. Quick & accurate striking – I always thought before the Holly Holm fight that to beat Cyborg in 2018 you would have to drag her past 3 rounds & tire her out with lots of body strikes. I was very wrong! In the Holly Holm fight Cyborg showed she could push past in endure high level striking. This leaves us with only one solution to the puzzle… She needs to get her bell rung and the opponent needs to capitalize! In fact I would say knocking Cyborg out in the first round in Megan Anderson’s best hope to get the W. The longer this goes, the more damage Anderson endures & the more damage she endures the less likely she will be able to finish. 
  2. Don’t grapple! – I am actually surprised clenching didn’t bite Holly Holm in the A**! Cyborg is a high level Jujitsu fighter, if you get her in the clench you better have her tight. She can take the fight to the the ground and finish you by submission very quick. Cyborg has claimed we haven’t seen the best of her grappling in UFC and I highly believe it. However like we saw with Holly even a good clench at best only slows Cyborg down a little. 
  3. Leg kicks are key – I can’t believe it has gone unnoticed, Cyborg has a weak lower body from cardio training to make weight. If you land a few high impact leg kicks she should go down and then you can hammer her! Besides that Cyborg is highly effective at defending her head on her feet. So if you go for the head you will probably get caught by Cyborg’s deadly counter striking. So you are not going to finish her standing, and you are not going to get a head shot on her. 

To conclude I do think Cyborg could knock Megan Anderson out and it is very likely it will happen if she carries the fight past one round. However if the fight is quick and about the brute power of the strike I believe Megan Anderson can win with her Muay Thai background. However the experience, endurance and grappling is probably in the favor of Cyborg. Despite Forbes Magazine saying, they think Amanda Nunes versus Cyborg is the fight to make, I really hope to see this fight instead before 2019.

“Also I am un-following Cyborg’s Instagram! Thanks for the misinformation on the fight I would actually love to see. ” – Ashton Deroy 

Articles accessed

Reinsmith, Trent. “Dana White: Cris Cyborg Vs. Amanda Nunes Is The Fight To Make.” Forbes, 4 Jan. 2018, Accessed January 8th 2018. This Forbes article talks about the fact that Megan Anderson did not accept the fight yet with Cris Cyborg and how the better choice in fight is Amanda Nunes versus Cris Cyborg. The article includes personal testimonies from Megan Anderson that she was not offered, nor did she accept the fight from Cris Cyborg at this point. The article shows there is no timeline for the fight yet at this point.


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