Why Digital Marketing does not work?

Digital Marketing

In 2015 I wasted thousands of dollars in pursuit of an education in Digital Marketing at St. Lawrence College. It is true… I learned nothing from pitching an unused marketing plan to an Etsy business, doing pointless case studies. The one skill I maybe obtained was graphic design however even that has no ROI. 

Digital Marketing/Advertising does not work! This does not mean don’t setup a website, this does not mean you should not try to grow your contacts. This just means If you boost $100 on Facebook, you spend $100 on Facebook. It does not generate immediate sales or ROI! So what have I learned in my time as a sales man because that is what I am is a sales man. 


Why does Digital Marketing not work? 

In this picture you can see that only high bidding buyers are the seen ads on once neutral platforms like Facebook. Showing the clutter and bias for these services for big established brands. “Where is the road?” Is my question meaning, what was really supposed to be here?

Connect or die- Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram & Google are freakishly cluttered Over hundreds of people bidding for the opportunistic space you want to be top of the consumer’s line of vision. So connect or die! If you are not talking to people directly, you will die. I think in the case of online bidding for advertising it is not so much about the the money the space will generate. It is about owning that space so no one else does. The big bidders are not making ads to generate sales, they are just trying to monopolize the consumer’s attention towards ads. 

“Personally I had determined people had to really Facebook surf in the home feeds to see my boosted posts, which is why I no longer spend the money for the ads” -Ashton Deroy 

Amazon, Etsy, Shopify are scams! – I am not saying you shouldn’t make a point of sale on these websites. However $30-$50 spent is money spent, again there is no direct R.O.I. You need some kind of sales and distribution solution though. So if nothing else, these are available. I believe my brother still thinks he can setup an E commerce shop and leave it alone then the money will magically come his way! Business relationships are never that easy and if you do not plan on being involved in your business do not start your business. 

Boring content – Branding & sales messaged digital marketing content is so boring. Get a personality or a team behind creating your message or don’t do it! 

Business cliches 

A .ca or .com is worth every penny – That is web space you specifically occupy as the sole publisher. The Internet as far as Google, Facebook and Amazon goes is incredibly cluttered! This is web space you own exclusively and it should be the hub to all of your content. If it is not, what are you doing? 

Get indexed – Make sure people know your address, phone number and hours. 

Personal relationships and cold calls – For a small business the personal sale should be the heart of the business. It was something I always understood and something not enough people got. Telemarketing still generates a return and acquisitions new customer relationships. Companies set up inbound lines to take service orders to this day! So get used to talking on the telephone. It is a line of business that is going nowhere. 

(The internet Publishing company I interviewed in 2017 has individuals do cold calls of up to 200 people a day) 

Print is a 1 occupant medium – Posters, flyers and a billboard in the right place is a powerful thing. There is a reason you are charged so much for a non-digital billboard space. Undivided customer attention! Worth every penny. 


Publish your .com with me! $60, Contact AshtonDeroy@gmail.com 

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