PR Idiots: Ashton & Diana talk transparency in Public Relations.

PR Idiots convo

I actually thought this would be a bit more of a debate, but off of Diana’s actual article, it is hard to form an argument because I think her cases check out. We did need to have a discussion though because I felt we could have expanded on how to better improve the communications solutions for these brands in regards to these varying issues. 

Make sure you check out Diana Skye’s article

Here is the conversation we had via Facebook. 

Ashton Deroy: “So what I find funny, but others might find disturbing is on July 22nd, 2009 Microsoft released Windows 7. They had every intention & pre-meditated capability to completely change the OS at their leisure on almost every system, no user agreement required! Didn’t this break some kind of cyberlaw?”

Diana Skye: ” It does sound very sketchy.”

Ashton Deroy: “I am reading now that it was a term of service. I think after the failed launch of Vista the idea may have been that if this flops, we continue to work on it. However, they did not just fix glitches in this case.”

Diana Skye: ” That is very true. There was a big difference between 8 and 10.”

Ashton Deroy: “We still had PCs at Teleperformance that used the old OS.”

Ashton Deroy: “So in the case of Lime Crime, they had their ECommerce hacked. Then failed to issue a communication. Do you think they should have issued an email? “Hey, our servers have been hacked! Change your credit & debit information!” Or do you think the press would have been better?”

Diana Skye:  “E-mail all customers that may have been affected. That way they could take precautions right away.”

Ashton Deroy: “So what kind of communications could Sears or Air Transat have done to really make things better? This is about communicating transparency.”

Diana Skye: “Air Transat should have told the people on the plane why they were not allowed to get off. A lot of the passengers said they would have gotten off even if they were only allowed to sit on the tarmac. They should have also apologized instead of blaming the airport. As for Sears, they should have communicated what they would do to help the employees who lost their jobs. If they were going to set up a hardship fund, they should have said that right from the beginning. The fact that employees get no money when the company spent millions on a pointless rebranding looked awful on their part.”

Ashton Deroy: “I actually forgot that Sears had the big re-brand before they shut down. Actually, this seems to happen a lot, Somehow marketers think that a re-branding campaign will somehow breathe life into a dying brand. Actually, though they probably could have saved their money, done more sales campaigns & liquidated stuff earlier on! They were so focused on their high-end image though they never focus on just covering their losses.”

Diana Skye: “I completely agree. The only thing the new “WTS – What the Sears” was material for comedy.”

Ashton Deroy: We used to laugh our asses off about the Sear’s employees at S&P Data. In telemarketing we pitched 20 customers an hour, but these women would be sitting there chit-chatting and watching foot traffic turn to no conversion.

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