Tim Hortons Dilema


This is not a full blog, more like a blurb. I had a dilemma where I was like “I do not feel good about buying Tim Hortons beverages anymore. However, a good point has been raised about how buying coffee at Tim Hortons is how you truly align with the employees during their rough times. However, I still do not feel great about the fact they are rolling back employee benefits to meet the demands of the wage increase. 

What should they cut back on instead?

  • Profits held – Report fewer profits during the time of this wage increase. I believe even still Tim Hortons will be doing better than a lot of other publicly traded companies. 
  • Reduce executive Tim Hortons wages – In a smaller business, it is a cliche understanding that when the hired people make more. The people at the top begin to make less than they were. It is a simple matter of redistributing wealth in a more fair matter. 
  • Reduce charitable involvement – Everyone is a charity when your entry level workers starve. 
  • Reduce growth – Tim Hortons competes with… Tim Hortons if a Tim Hortons is within walking distance from another location you will saturate the market and you will literally have your own stores competing with each other for profit. The time for adding locations is done with the wage increase. It is time to focus on individually focussed segments of the geographic market. Of course, as a franchise, Tim Hortons may be limited in its capability to do this. 

Also, this is a cliche but Tim Hortons is wasting money in re-training so many people to cover part-time shifts. If they had full-time employees they would need fewer workers and eliminate or reduce their high training expenses. This is something the call centers already know! It is easier to have full-time people when you serve high volumes of business than it is to have part-time people. 

I probably will have Tim Hortons Coffee again at some point. However, I do wish as a consumer I was creating an output in a company that understood the need for living wages in our economy. 


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