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Life is not pretty for an aging gay internet entertainer. When you first begin you can attract people simply with your youth. However as time goes on a lot of YouTubers that were once viral can have their ratings tank and people become desperate for viewership. This might be happening to Matthew Lush!

Below are the ratings for Gay God on YouTube:

Gay God Ratings

His highest rating on December 17th was about a break up he had been through. Proving the oldest theory in Television drama equals higher ratings. Refer to my own break up here. Which attracted 98 views being an all time high for my channel. 


While I make the claim Matthew Lush is begging for viewers. Some may argue the fact that he is just crying for attention after going through a traumatic event. Is that not the same thing? Higher views mean more opportunities, sponsorship and advertising revenue for established YouTube entertainers. 

Although this seems more like a cry for help and trip to the psyche Ward with Matthew Lush eating a Tide pod. Lets see what a viewer said about this content. 

“I was about 13 when I found him. If I saw this at thirteen, I would have tried it.” –Jaymee Rylee 

So while it is obvious that Matthew Lush is crying out for attention. We are thankful that YouTube has removed the footage in an effort to eliminate content that might be considered trigger worthy or a bad influence. Facebook has yet to remove the video. Also as a final message, I have been creating internet content for 6 years. I can honestly say, it has been a waste of my life. I have had limited career success, I live in a low income room and I don’t drive yet. 

As soon as I have a better life, I am out of the content creation life and switching to the living my own god damned life.