Written by Jaymee Rylee Elisabeth House a proud supporter of independent thought and freedoms.

Please take the pledge at the bottom of this post and support the right to vape.”- Ashton Deroy 

“The Ontario Liberal government has just passed Bill 174 – An omnibus piece of legislation, which as written will likely end vaping in Ontario as we know it. (Okay, I know, half of you have told me “no, bad”, but just listen. This is important for the well being of, not even me, but new vapers. People needing or wanting to make the change from cigarettes.)

Bill 174 which passed on December 12th 2017, legislates that product display and promotion be prohibited for electronic cigarettes. This means that product demonstration, and education will be non-existant. Retail shops will not be able to show or discuss the product with you until after purchasing.

Given the complexity of these devices, this could potentially have very dangerous consciences. Schedule 3 of this bill also introduces a mechanism for the government to prohibit the sale of certain flavors of vape products through regulation. Given this governments penchant to ban flavored tobacco products, we should be not surprised to see vaping flavours described as “kid friendly” be swiftly prohibited. []

Our MPPs do not seem to realize the catastrophic effect Schedule 3 as written will have on public health — therefore we must all speak up and make sure that sensible regulations that allow for product display & promotion and a variety of flavors. []Take the Pledge [at http://www.ivapeivote.ca] to tell your MPP that your vote in 2018 (and the votes of your family and friends) depends on reasonable regulations given in Bill 174.”

(Vapor Advocates Of Ontario, 2018)

Luckily, McGarry is negative on this bill. This website has a way to find out if your MPP is positive or negative. This is NOT just a little deal to vapours. This is NOT for me. In fact, it will have little affect on me. The restrictions on explaining products to customers and troubleshooting units can become annoying and dangerous.

People try to troubleshoot their mod on their own , and things can go wrong. No more possibly lifesaving battery information (IE, how to not explode your sub-ohm mod). No more of being told to juice the coil to prevent your coil from being burnt, and a new vaper not making the switch. These practices that were banned aren’t for stupid teenagers like me who just got addicted.

They hurt the smoker who wants to make the switch, which is proven to be over 90% safer than a cigarette, but doesn’t know how to get started. The sweet flavoring that “appeals to children” (how is this judged or enforced?) does NOT only allegedly appeal to children, but it appeals to the adult who may be intrigued, motivated to finally downgrade to something LESS harmful. This is an edge over cigarettes,, and getting rid of these things could jeopardize lives in the long run.


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