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Do you know that feeling when you really like a book, but you can not give a full five star review? That is the feeling I have when reading Men On Strike written by Helen Smith Ph.D. What are the problems with this book preventing a 5 star book from a highly qualified author from Tennessee? The core idea is flawed, men & women are swearing off marriage in Canada & the United States. Also she doesn’t mention how discriminating against masculinity can directly effects Transgender women’s welfare.

I still insist the positives of this book outweigh the negatives. The book covers key male issues such as consenting to fatherhood, male victimized domestic abuse & false accusations that criminalize men without due process. Plus the most important part to this book which is humanizing men. These are the reasons the book was not delivered a 2 star rating.

Cons to the book

Men & Women in the United States & Canada Do not want to get married!

This is the YouTube video that actually started my path to finding Helen Smith’s book. The Pros and Cons of Marriage. The video covers how marriage is a contract and how Millennials are choosing to opt out to protect their personal assets, individuality and sanity.  It also states the perks of the modern marriage have really changed with marriage no longer being the key to sex & parenting in the modern non-religious society.

Narrow Gender Focus

Personal message to Helen Smith. I know men were your narrow focus to writing this book but you missed a point that could gain a lot of traction in the Politically correct overly Liberal world. You missed the point that discrimination against men, directly harms Transgender women. You see it all the time with examples like MMA fighter Fallon Fox on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He is talking about Fallon like a man who likes to beat up women, rather than a transgender woman competing in her league. Or when a Transgender woman is turned away from a Women’s shelter. It is not simply because she is transgender, it has more to do with the fact “She was born a man and men are evil.” The main message being, how can we appropriately create rights for these people without setting up appropriate rights for men & women? If it helps though the Sage Lab in Kingston Ontario that conducts sexuality research in Kingston Ontario is constantly accused of using gender focus that is too narrow in their studies.

Pros to the book

The Fatherhood Issues

Makin, Kirk. “Man who didn’t father twins must pay child support.” The Globe & Mail, 7 Jan. 2009, This news article discusses the details around a paternal fraud case where a man was made to pay child support for children he didn’t consent to financially fathering. Due to failed to be disclosed extra marital affairs, a Toronto Man is looking to get off the hook for child support payments for 16 year old twins. However Judge van Rensburg has ruled that he will be entitled to no such right.

What do men exactly want as far as paternal rights? We want to consent to fatherhood biological or not. Just because we consent to sex , or don’t. (

Being male should not mean assumed consent and Helen Smith points out a case where a 15 year old boy is now paying child support to a 35 year old woman in the USA.

Does not mean we should be obligated to fatherhood in a society where other options are available. On the flip side custody rights can be just as important. Before adoption the mother and father should have rights to claim custody of children. 


Criminalizing men in Society without proper legal process

As far as criminalizing men without due process goes, look no further than Patrick Brown the leader of the Conservative Party here in Canada until now because he just lost his Conservative provincial leadership riding not even for a crime he was found guilty of. Apparently all it takes to take down the Conservative leadership is just accuse them of sexual assault without even formerly pressing charges. He lost his riding for allegations, that still seem unclear simply because he was attacked by the Liberal press. Read more here:

Humanizing Men

Say you are reading this book and you are a woman who can not get her boyfriend to get a job, commit or go to school. This book teaches you about the modern day pit traps for men that do exist in our society and why stuff like marriage and fatherhood may no longer be of high importance to men. This book for me personally made me look back and notice, yes I have been the victim for female abusers. Why was this not a bigger issue? Also this book made me realize that I am entitled to my spaces, I am entitled to feel like watching UFC with my friends at a bar should be a masculine place. I am entitled decline the current standards which put women above men in our social security system, education and soon in the workforce. Lastly the fact that men do not deserve to be used in relationships for fatherhood, marriage and servitude. That we are entitled to our independent identities, health and well-being.


I by no means think it is easy to publish a book from psychology and social studies for mass consumption. Helen Smith includes research, engagement and interviews with real men who talk about real men’s issues in this book. I just feel that the book falls short on the core idea, and narrow gender focus. Women don’t want to get married either and prejudice against masculinity also effects our Transgender citizens in different walks of life. That being said this book has changed my life for the better because I am no longer going to limit my role as a male to simply providing resources for their mates, fatherhood and traditional roles. I am going to look for more well rounded happiness not unconditional servitude. I also learned that gender privilege is not just a man’s issue but women now have the privileges and responsibilities as well and even though they are new women have to use them appropriately.