Hey guys, so I have been watching a lot of videos on how YouTube is creating stricter content guidelines for creators who rely on YouTube ads for a partial income. I just wanted to make some suggestions to retain viewership, sustain reach and grow your presence.

  • Filter your own content – I don’t rely on YouTube filters and searches to have my content found. I send videos direct to people, post on my website, do SEO Writing & use outside services to increase my bids. I also don’t focus on my YouTube content as much as my WordPress presence so there is that to…
  • Set up your own .com & .ca pages – Get the viewers engaging with your space and buying your ad space on content and web channels. Not YouTube’s space. If you market it correctly you can self-sell reviews, testimonials and product mentions. Meaning you don’t require people to buy from Google in order to make an advertising revenue. 
  • Cross promote on Facebook +Instagram – Relevance search filters are killing content creators ac cross the map. Instagram + Facebook uses recent content to filter content deliver which makes things so much easier.
  • Start engaging – Start messaging viewers & subscribers and asking them to share, like & comment. Make people begin to notice your content when YouTube won’t.

Listen advertising and content creation on the web has become so predatory on the web. If you don’t start taking these steps, you are just going to be less relevant and replaced by other creators.

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