Hey Drop Shippers and E-Commerce Friends. So I generated some interest in our Shopify group when I pointed out that some of you may be a victim to click fraud. Now some of you think my solution is as black and white as hire me. Guess what though? It is not, but I have some solutions that can work for attempting to handle click fraud.

  1. Multiple clicks from, one IP address – You could be paying for one person spam clicking your Google ad Words ad. You need to have a way of checking which IP addresses engaged with your website when. This is the only way to have a checks and balances system against the possible web fraud with Google AdWords
  2. Out of geography customers – As a method of testing I actually used Click bots to stimulate traffic/likes for this video.  Most of the clicks came from India. So if you are seeing a lot of out of geography names in your likes. These may not be people from Canada, USA or desired markets.
  3. No Content Customers – You are paying to know your customer with Facebook. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that a customer liking your stuff with little to know authentically them-self Facebook content is not worth the money. A lot of the bots I used in click farming were accounts with little to no content and they didn’t look real.

What is my solution? The surprise is the solution is not simply hire me. Actually for click fraud on Google you need to call 1-866-2GOOGLE (1-866-246-6453) to solve disputes. Now for Facebook ads, if an ad runs for 2 days no comments, no buys. Then you need to be taking down your advertisement because it is serving no value to enhancing your brand. Also make sure you and replying to comments as those can turn into sales. I am surprised how many high cost agencies waste their ads by not having a customer service/sales person answering FAQs on the ads. 

How I can help you? I can create persuasive content for you that sells products and creates a positive brand feeling. If provided to me, I can provide you positive customer video testimonials and give you space on my blog. Or I can set up your websites, manage SEO, Social Media & ads. Unfortunately I am not the fix all for click fraud but this is what I can do to help.

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