There are people in and around the GTA right now that are being told because they are a different race in Canada that they need to oppose our police force. This is the wrong message and I am adamantly against this thought process. Ontario has one of the most diverse and ethical police forces in the world but the media and radical groups like Black Lives Matters blow things out of proportion and spread a negative oppositional message of hate to people who will have real challenges living in Canada. What do I want to do with my message in Re-Uniting police and Pride?

  • Spread the message that race is not the first step to crime – Right now Olivia Nuamah is sending a message of division and distrust to Canadian law enforcement. I want this to stop now. She is trying to make it seem like for supporting our officers we are on the wrong side of history. She is on the wrong side of history in the wrong time! Reputable social and political scientists now recognize that in order for us to fix racial targeting we need to create messaging where the people and the officers are on the same side and we need to open dialogues both politically and in the community to fix these issues.
  • Restore trust in our law enforcement – Right now the sight of a police officer creates a cause of panic and stress for many people. That needs to change, we need to create a message of respect, compassion and morality that is more accurately associated with our police force.
  • Align our police with current NDP messaging – For those who don’t know the NDP Party of Canada is running a great campaign on Law enforcement in Canada. NDP wants our police to treat addiction like an illness not a crime. They want to advocate for the public safety of everyone protected by Canada’s Charter of Human Rights. Lastly they want to make sure the law is not a detriment to the social welfare of the people.

At the top of this website there is a message to contact Toronto Pride to advocate for the fair treatment of our Police in the parade. Lets not make the same mistakes we made last year! Welcome uniformed OPP & YRT law enforcement to participate in the parade. I want to see them with a place in the parade & a booth if possible in 2018. Division is never the right place in history!