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Hello everyone it is Ashton Deroy, I am just writing about how to use my number from the website. I had an incident where someone found my phone number from GrindR and automatically assumed they should text it and add me without setting up any kind of context.

This was a creepy incident, GrindR is a dating app that quite honestly is used for mostly sexual encounters. When someone messages me from GrindR most of the time I delete their numbers and block them.

What are reasons you can contact my phone?

  • Work reasons- You are seeking digital Marketing services.
  • Seneca Pride – You have questions about a meeting.
  • I have given you my number – I have given you my number either in school or through PM and or maybe in person.

I have to say to my fault I have fallen out of the habit of asking people if they are business owners when they text my phone. However if you are just following an attraction through a random website, maybe you should practice the better part of discretion.


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