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Despite being pro-legalization and government monopolization of marijuana sales in Canada. It might surprise you to know I am definitely against the practice of someone driving intoxicated.

I do not support marijuana use for managing seizure disorders of people who drive. I do not support driving with the use of THC or Cannabis.

How should you handle someone driving intoxicated as a pattern?

  1. Write down their license plate upon arrival – If you know they have a pattern of driving intoxicated. 
  2. Try to talk them out of driving high.
  3. If they get behind a wheel anyways, Call the cops.
  4. Read their route.

The fact is you are not a better driver when you are stoned. Marijuana causes temporary delusions impairment, fatigue & lack of judgment. I don’t care what anyone says, and to me, marijuana makes people temporarily insanity in a lot of use. The people smoking this and saying they can drive… Probably should not be driving at all because they are stunned! You are f***** stunned if you think you can smoke pot and drive. 

Now you do not have to do this all of the sudden you can tell them first that you are not comfortable with them driving under the influence. However, it has been established for a long time, if you know someone is driving under the influence you are to call the police.

I have actually dealt with this issue a few times in my adult life from 2014-2015. I have had multiple conversations with my brother, old friends, and colleagues. That no this is not something I support. What made me begin thinking this way? Surely I was not brainwashed simply by advertisements.

The fact is even if you think you are a used to a strain of marijuana or THC it can randomly and unexpectedly hit you like a brick wall. Whether it is because of how you delivered it to your body, it turns out to be a slightly different strain or my favorite it was laced with pesticides or another narcotic and that impaired you a great deal more.

The truth is you can speculate certain people normalize on cannabis and THC. However, to me, it is a dice roll whether you adjust or freak out to what you take. That is the reason I am firmly against marijuana use at the wheel because at the wheel is not the time to realize you are completely screwed to drive! I mean we have to accept that marijuana goes by the rules of any other narcotic.

We don’t drive on it, operate heavy machinery or go to work on it.

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Ellie. “My relative drives while high — how do I set boundaries?” Toronto Star, 8 Feb. 2018, Someone writes to Ellie in the Toronto Star. How do I set boundaries when a loved one is driving stoned? The blog above is a tribute to that. The article continues to describe a story where a woman’s sister in law drives her nieces/nephews to school stoned. The article also talks about how marijuana impairs your ability to react, impairs judgment and reaction times. The article lastly talks about how the sister in law is a bit of a stubborn character making this debate over driving stoned even more difficult.