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Hey Readers,
This post does deal more with ideology as opposed to political party. I also want people to know this is a space on the web to freely express my opinions on political ideologies and you are welcome to disagree in the comment section.
What is a Libertarian? This is someone who believes in lowering government and promoting a country that has values based on freedom of choice, free will, and a low barrier entry market.
What is a Liberal? A Liberal is someone who believes in governing based on fairness, promoting equality, and regulating the market.
Example issue Liberal versus Libertarian

  • Liberals on Marijuana Legalization – Liberals want to open a government monopoly on marijuana distribution and sales. While updating laws & enforcement on marijuana to catch stoned drivers, hold marijuana to the same standards as cigarettes and increase tax revenues.
  • Libertarians on Marijuana Legalization – Everyone should be able to grow and sell their own marijuana crops. Screw legislation on safe consumption, product taxation and policing.

One of these represents a full thought while the other represents and thought based on a cliche of human values. Now obviously I have little to no Libertarian values. Let me make my bias clear.

Some Libertarians as a result of their values do not believe indirect consequence in legislation. For example they do not believe driving under the influence of THC should be illegal. They believe driving and causing an accidents should be illegal. This ideaology basically wants to remove the concept of preventetive laws.

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