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Hello WordPress Readers, Facebook friends, & YouTube viewers. 

Why do you want to use a web publisher instead of a developer? A developer cares about developing and maintaining your website. They do not care about your business, sales or marketing success with your website. A web developer is a good option if you need a massive internal system with logins, massive data collection and CRM support. A publisher is great because they can lead you in the direction of creating positive brand content. 

Here are three reasons why a Publisher better suits servicing your business: 

  1. We care about sales success through the website – A developer only really cares about “Does the website function?” Sure you can have a functional website easily that never convinces anyone to buy anything. If you want to sell goods or services however you need someone who gives function advice, content advice and researches the most brand effective content for your page. 
  2. Business & Customer service expertise – Ever talked to a web developer and realize “No one has taught this computer geek any manners.” Personally, I check in with people I have helped and I do that without looking to upsell them at all at times. 
  3. Get found – Web developer specializes in execution. Web Publishers specialize in getting you found. Especially if you are a start of a business. The biggest challenge for a starter business in drop shipping, E-commerce and more is just breaking obscurity. 

So stop hiring complicated designer nerds. What you need is a publicist. Someone who takes a drop shipping company and turns it into a lifestyle brand. Someone who takes starving artists and turns them in to press sensations.  Not someone who only cares if the website and graphics are purely functional! 

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