Ashton Deroy

Hello, I am Ashton Deroy and thank you for checking out my website. If you are checking out my website I have probably applied for a position within your business. This is my website. My content is focused around Marketing, Politics, E-Commerce and humor. Also with me beginning to be interested in finance I am going to be putting some financial blogs up here soon as well. 

E-Commerce Manager resume

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me as a person and a brand. You may be wondering what inspires me to go to work everyday? Well I have a good family, my mind is made up about my goals & I am determined to have a life of stability and dignity. Why is customer service one of my top skills? Even since 2015 at St. Lawrence College I was the one who was delegated to manage the client, team relationship. Even though the marketing was about selling her E commerce store products, it was really about the client and selling her brand. Refer to Litsie, the first client I worked with. 

My interpersonal skills are my greatest asset. Leveraging this asset I have been able to get astonishing customer survey reviews in the telecom industry, fantastic reviews from my own clients and lifetime business connections. My second greatest asset is my ability to learn new skills. After a 4 year focus on developing myself as a Marketer. I picked up new skills at Seneca College from 2016-2018 to help me develop skills in Finance. I have accomplished a college level math credit, a financial accounting credit and a college finance credit in my time at Seneca College. 

Well thank you for taking the time to get to know my story. I hope you will consider bringing me in for a job interview. To schedule me please call me at 647-850-6802. Or you can email me at .