Is it time for Seneca College Newnham Campus to put their foot down for Computing commons rules?

Computing commons policy.jpg

The following are the rules for the computing commons, you know that think you probably walk by and don’t give a second glance! These are rules created to preserve the availability, condition and environment in the computing commons. 

Today I walked through the computing commons and I was able to find 10 different people breaking the rules, risking our equipment and a spill hazard. 

Drink violation

Okay so we have all been here drinking our StarBucks or Tim Hortons by the computer while we work on an assignment. However Tim Hortons in particular has a cup design that is quite high risk to spill and damage the technology! Making one less available work station available for students who can’t get internet access at home. 


This is a student who is gaming during the peek hours of use in the computing commons. This should not be tolerated! I personally need a computer before classes to print assignments, check on course announcements and be up to date on reading materials. This student is otherwise blocking a computer for use in relationship to Seneca College related tasks. 


Water spill

This is just a water spill that is risking the condition of the machine. In any other place where I have had access to company machines we had a rule where to have a coffee around your machine you had to have a spill proof mug like such… 

Snap seal.jpg


I think it is time for Seneca to start enforcing computing commons rules or next year’s big problem will be, we have too few machines for students! 



What makes you out of the closet?

Out of the closet.png

What honestly makes an LGBTQ+ person out of the closet? People are going to vary on their response to this. Personally to me however an LGBTQ person is not out of the closet until they tell their parents! I actually think this is the most crucial part of coming out.

So it doesn’t matter if you are 40, married and in a long term relationship. If you parents are alive and they don’t know you are gay or etc, you are not out of the closet! Why is this the crucial part of coming out? Well research suggests openly gay people have stronger & healthier relationships with their kids.

LaSala, Michael. “Should You Come Out to Your Parents?” Psychology Today, 12 Mar. 2011, This article discusses the progression in societies where individuals are able to come out to their family at a much younger age than in recent decades. The research suggests coming out as a kid being much healthier in homes that welcome it. The article also does go on to say reasons not to come out in homophobic homes, homes where kids would be ejected or in cases where people would lose financial support.

I am not saying you need to come out if it means jumping off a cliff. However mostly it does seem like LGBT+ individuals are not able to have healthy intimate relationships, cease living in in fear & live openly unless they come out to their parents. The hot spots socially for LGBT+ people who tend to be discrete are apps like GrindR & promiscuous sexual websites. The hot spots for people out of the closet tend to be websites like TindR or Plenty of Fish where LGBT+ people tend to be seeking more meaningful connections. Also by contrast LGBT+ people who are not out tend to engage in more risky behaviors like drug use or praying the gay away! Which of course never helps anything.

What did coming out mean to me? Well I came out in 2013 when I was attending ENSS. I told my parents when we were in the hospital with my Dad’s second wife for a routine operation. I have no idea why! At the time I was coming out with the fact I had a boyfriend and I am thankful I did come out. Except as I have told many people I was living in a small town with at the time heavy religious influences and I was subjected to homophobic bullying. So I took up martial arts as a way of defending myself! I don’t regret having martial arts as a life skill and a lot of people I know didn’t toughen up the way I did when I came out.

My conclusion is LGBT+ Individuals are not out of the closet until they tell their parents. It does not matter if their Facebook friends know, or their school friends know. If they are not out to their parents it prevents them from having meaningful relationships, creates patterns for destructive individuals and creates poorly adjusted individuals. Sorry if this blog becomes your earth shattering realization that your homophobic parents keeping you in the closet may of permanently messed up your mental health!

Free Speech is good, but there are limitations

Free Speech is good, but there are limitations.png

Working progress 

Update 11/20/2017. I finally got around to citing the charter of human rights. I still have to further gut my annotated Bibliography and maybe even find better articles to prove my debate point. 

Thanks for reading the first draft of my Free speech & limitations essay that is being used for the purpose of Canadian Political studies at Seneca College. If you can help develop this essay with a work I can cite using MLA format please reach out to Ashton Deroy at . I will be working at this over the next 2 days!


Are there limitations to free speech? Yes we absolutely must limit this right within reason defined by our charter of human rights & National security. Now in order to define the limitations of something we must first understand what it is. What is free speech and where does it apply? Speech applies to publications online & offline which includes posts, statuses, Tweets, Videos, and anything that can be seen by the public. 

Where are the limitations are to free speech? We must use limitations of free speech to prejudice defined by Canada’s charter of human rights, national security, safety to individuals over 18 & children. Why is limiting speech for these a must? Well according to section 1 of the charter of human rights and freedoms the government is allowed to place limitations of freedom of speech as long as those limits are within reason. 

One of the major issues targeted in this essay is free speech being limited by the confinements of hate speech. What is hate speech? Hate speech is any speech that is viewed has harmful or encourages harm towards any protected group of persons defined by Canada’s Charter of human rights. Ontario has the highest reported crime rate for hate crimes. Why is this the case? There is a lack of safe-space for students with different cultures in some schools and Ontario gets a spill over of some of the common American issues of prejudice come in to Canada. 

Things to Cite. 

“Your Guide to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Https://, 24 Oct. 2017, 

This page outlines the Canadian charter of freedoms. Which includes the right to a democratic government, freedom of expression and the right to equality among men and women. This essay focuses on specifically the freedom of expression charter & limitations set by hate speech which is defined in the charter with protected statuses on gender, sexual orientation race, religion and disability. I will also cite cases where freedom of expression was also limited in instances of security and child safety.

What is happening, Ashton Deroy from North York.

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Hey everyone it is Ashton Deroy from North York posting from Seneca College. The protest is still happening with the teachers. Read more here: 

Dog Walking.png

I also am promoting a dog walking service on Kijiji again. I want to manage my own clients on weekends and after 5:00pm Monday – Friday. Rates are up for negotiation but I am looking for at least a minimum wage compensation. 


I also ordered some new boxing gloves on , despite my disinterest with the website related to their “Pay to sell” format. I just needed to acquire the gloves for my Tuesday Kickboxing classes at Seneca Newnham Campus. 

I am moving my return to Facebook back until after the Seneca Teacher strike is completed since I really haven’t had any work on social media in quite some time. However readers, friends & family can still reach out to me through Whatsapp. My phone number is 647-850-6802. 

UFC 217 predictions

Ashton Deroy

Click the picture to link to the UFC website: 

GSP vs Pierre.png

Predictions for UFC 217

On November 4th 2017, UFC will be in New York for UFC 217. It will be the most anticipated UFC event of 2017 as it is the long awaited return of George St. Pierre! Warning though if you are a GSP fan you will not like the predictions of this blog. Red highlights who I believe will win. 

Bisping VS St-Pierre 

Round 1 knock out, What? Yes this has happened to St. Pierre before. Matt Serra actually knocked out St-Pierre in Huston Texas April 7th 2007. It has been 4 years since George St. Pierre has been in the octagon & if we return to reality for a minute, this has a massive effect on someone’s game! Not only that but he is stepping in to Middle Weight class after being a welterweight. St-Pierre also relies a lot on grappling which he won’t be able to do with Bisping.  I don’t think he is ready & I don’t think he will have the massive impact some people expect and Bisping is not the guy who is going to lay down for the St-Pierre legacy. 

Namajunas vs Jerdzejczyk

5 Rounds, Decision Joanna. Rose can’t play the game Joanna plays, everyone always thinks well “I can’t out strike her so I will wrestle her!” That didn’t work with Andrade and I don’t expect it to work with Namajunas. As of now I don’t think any of the contenders can beat Joanna and I think she takes the 6 defense record away from Ronda Rousey. Rose isn’t skilled enough, she is fast enough & she isn’t strong enough!  So it is going to be 3-5 rounds of her being out battled by Joanna. 

I am actually disappointed Karate Hottie didn’t rise to the challenge & get this fight because Michelle could of beaten Joanna with speed but also she has experience in Muay Thai.  



Social medias I’ve left!

Social medias I've left!.png

Some people are going to read this and go “How do you expect to promote your WordPress blog off of highly popular social media?” WordPress already filters my content through tags, search engines  & if I am really passionate about a blog article I may do a YouTube video. 

Other than that I may not sign back onto the vast wasteland of Facebook. What drove me off Facebook & Instagram? 

Well in 2015, I noticed they were eating my business advertising money without producing a lot of valuable sales leads & only 3 inbound inquiries. Only 1/3 of inbound inquiries became a client. 

Garbage can
The content garbage on Facebook

Then there was my organic content, that was buried under content that was being over-shared and despite spending near $200 a year I was only a small fish in the big budget advertising happening on Facebook. 

What was Facebook doing to my personal life? My Facebook off & on resembled a fight club. Out of context social media humor had been taken to the Student Conduct office and almost had costs to my education. A colleague of mine almost picked a fight over a social science question, until I disengaged & I had been unfairly critiqued on an LGBTQ person’s Facebook page as a hostile racist for having pro-OPP views. 

So it wasn’t just Facebook I quit, but here is what I am quitting & why! 

Facebook logo.png

Facebook – Due to my content being buried, poor use of advertising $$$ & a loss of control in my personal/educational life. 

Instagram logo.png

Instagram – Actually my content was getting buried on here but that wasn’t the worst part. I decided I would rather have pictures up on my own personal website, then have them up on Instagram & collect followers. 

TumblR logo

TumblR – Never liked it, never will! It is a place for rants, pornography & hipsters, I get nothing from this media. 



Twitter- Unlike the rest of them, I am a little sad to see this one go! When I was younger & starting my Advertising diploma, this got me contacts in agencies, helped me get connected with Press for Kingston Pride & was a great resource for find SMEs (Subject matter experts) for social debates. Unfortunately, as of late it had an advertising program I never understood, diminishing use & a lot of pornographic users. 

What I am staying on? 🙂 


Snapchat -AshtonQBE on SnapChat It isn’t perfect but it does create a lower digital footprint & is less overwhelming to my personal life. 


Google Software – Google has given me so much value as a free user & even more when I began purchasing movies, a custom email address and more online storage. Overall Google doesn’t tend to create an overwhelming digital footprint unless you demand it! I also still have a YouTube channel. 

WordPress logo.png

WordPress – This is a given as this is where I am posting to but hear me out. Why should I post my personal content on Facebook? I can create my own custom web profile with a presence different from my classmates & if I choose to become more active I can size my presence however I like. I kind of thought the uniformity of Facebook profiles always sucked, but on WordPress every page creates a different feeling. 


Side note, I will admit I didn’t always behave professionally on Facebook. So I want to apologize if I annoyed you in any way. Please reach out to me at 647-850-6802 on WhatsApp if you want to talk/meetup. Or Email me below: 

What does film tell us about Politics?

What does film tell us about politics-.png

This article was published as a matter of opinion & not as journalistic fact. This work does not intend to infringe on any copyright or break any laws. For content concerns please contact the writer at .

Watch Last King of Scotland on Google Play

Ashton Deroy Writes: Film is an art-form by which we can reflect life, society & power. Often in film we look at power dynamics of different forms of government. Whether this government is a democracy, a dictatorship or Monarchy. Film allows us to examine the forum of government as an art.

Side note: The Last King of Scotland is an absolutely atrocious film, I do not believe it captures Idi Amin correctly as a sociopath & a proven serial killer. If someone such as the doctor portrayed in the film had done something to personally insult him, if he had gotten ahold of that person he would of personally killed them. No way he would of gotten away. 

When looking at the Last King Of Scotland what can this film tell the viewer about Politics in Uganda? Well the movie is really a creative retelling of Idi Amin a ruthless, delusional & eccentric dictator who was responsible for the slaughter of 500,000 people. What this film can really teach about politics? Well it teaches that is dangerous when there is no limitation placed on leadership. Idi Amin was supposed to restore democracy to Uganda but with his massive unchecked power he was able to to keep his power to himself from 1971-1979.


Idi Amin’s unchecked power could go back as far as his military days. From when he served as a soldier and was accused of using excessive force on missions. This was followed by his ruthless overthrow of the government. Then systematic killings of Milton Obote supporters, Israeli people and throwing Asians out of the country of Uganda.


The film in a way misrepresents the public’s reaction to Amin. The feeling in general towards him was not being beloved by the public. There was dancing in the street when he had taken over. However mentions the public coining the phrase Aminism referring to the brutal enforcement of law &  massacres ordered by Idi Amin.There are stories of him dragging women out of post-secondary schools from certain tribes. It was these atrocities which really have him considered the worst dictator of this century. Not just by outside observation but by many Ugandan people to.


The film allowed us to see a film portrayal of how Idi Amin treated his wives, how his regime was one of terror. However what it didn’t show enough of was the cannibalism, the grotesque display of bodies on the street & the spill of blood for political gain. There was no limitation of Idi Amin’s power in Uganda for his 8 year leadership, until the failed invasion of Tanzania. In the film you got to see the Doctor as a possible power check with the assignment of his assassination. However with the refusal to do the do the job there was no limitation placed on Idi Amin. Which proves the danger of limitless power in a government.



“Idi Amin.”, 27 Apr. 2017, Accessed 24 Sept. 2017. This biography provided information on the leadership of Idi Amin in Uganda. It captures the eccentric behavior, self appointed titles & his death. Unlike the film it does highlight on any public enthusiasm about his new leadership, in fact he had a developed reputation for capturing and torturing people. It also highlights Amin’s use of excessive force, the staged coo and takeover of Uganda. This biography also highlights his estimated kill count of over 500,000.


“Idi Amin: Violent Ugandan President – Fast Facts | History.”, 16 Mar. 2016, Accessed 24 Sept. 2017. This documentary discusses the brutal dictator Idi Amin. It covers his journey from being a cook, to a soldier & the development of his bad reputation. It covers the attack of King Baganda during his military career ordered by the prime minister. Then the coo staged Idi Amin to Milton Obote that started off non-violent, but would turn violent towards Milton Obote’s supporters. This article can help to prove that Idi Amin had unchecked power because in modern North American military someone who tortured prisoners and used excessive force would be held accountable.