Ashton Deroy

Digital Marketer & Equality blogger


Basic Web Publishing services $60,

.com & Facebook page


Business level website $560,

SEO strategy, Social media integration & Custom Email setup


Custom website $1000

(No theme no cookie cutter website)


Flyer delivery Services $40 per 50 commercial deliveries 

Meeting neighbors, encouraging orders or talking about your business.  We can negotiate conversion incentives for this campaign.  The rate is higher in the winter! $30 pays for a two person delivery team. 

We cover the GTA and YRT regions. Other regions require negotiations and transit arrangements. 

Client Services $16 an hour

 , Resolving customer inquiries & taking telephone calls.


Basic Logo Design $40

Designing a high-quality vector logo ready for T-Shirts, printouts & web site display.


Get an individual quote through email, or call 647-850-6802.


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